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 Corner Studio is my place of work here in my home County of Cornwall a place I'm proud to call Home.

 So why is it called Corner Studio?..well simply because it's an odd shaped building that sits in the corner of my garden!

 I could have come up with a fancy name for it? Something in Cornish maybe?..but I'm not one for overcomplicating things so I think it refects my no nonsense approach that I have with my work.

 With Art from Corner Studio you get what it says it is?'s a studio where I produce my Art.

 The types of work I produce are here for you to explore...





My Place of Work




  I work in Stained Glass and acrylic Paint, a Painting often being the inspiration for a bespoke Glass Picture.

  I offer a wide range of Artwork for sale from Paintings,Prints,Cards,small Glass items,Small Mosaic pieces, to handmade bespoke Stained Glass Art. 





Commissions undertaken in any of these disciplines 

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Inside Corner Studio
My Green-Man ©M.Wood